Would you drink a beer knowing yeast from inside was grown in a man's beard? We'd pass, but that doesn't stop fans of the Rogue Brewery's latest creation. 

How in the hell did someone think to use a man's beard?

According to Mental Floss, The Rogue brewers had been searching for an exclusive yeast to match with their homegrown barley and hops. After not finding the right match, someone made a joke that the brew master John Maier’s 34-year-old beard might be a perfect to grow yeast. Yes, a joke launched into something crazy enough to work.

He agreed to try it, and plucked nine hairs from his beard, which were sent to White Labs for testing and culturing (culturing makes it seem as if the hairs watched opera and read Shakespeare, but it means they were primed to grow yeast). It turns out, Maier's beard hairs can produce yeast—and pretty decent yeast at that.

A joke created a real life beer. Funny right?
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