Well, I guess red solo cups aren't just used to hold your favorite beverages anymore. You can also use it as a tail light in a pinch.  Let's give some credit here. At least they're taped on upside down. If they were flipped the other way they would fill up.


The red solo cup being used for more than a beverage vessel. We've seen it stacked, we've seen it in chain link fences for fancy designs, we've even seen them used to increase the volume on puny speakers.

And why not?



They're cheap and come in a variety of vibrant colours. It was only a matter of time before a penny-pinching creative soul decided to use them as tail lights. Let's just hope the person driving behind him notices too.     The things we've seen on vehicles this week has been amusing, to say the least.  An Erie County Sheriff’s Deputy recently spotted this homemade license plate on a car.

Erie County Sheriff's Department

[A Special Thank You To Shon Smart For Photo]

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