Irish girls can be hard to handle, but if you follow the rules you can do it. We put together the top 5 things you need to know to succeed with any Lass. 

  • 1


    We like to shop outside the box, and you had better notice. We have a particular style that can't be duplicated. Compliment us. We won't agree with it, but you need to do it. If you don't, we'll be open to compliments from other lads. You don't want that. If you've got our attention, it's in your best interest to keep it because it's impossible to get over us.

  • 2


    We're about as subtle as a bull in a china closet. You need to notice the hints we're dropping. If we say we would like to try out the new restaurant, you better make the reservations. If we would like a cup of tea, you should know how to brew it perfectly, and make sure you keep the schedule you created with weekly flowers. We like things our way, or it's the highway. We'll let you think it was all your idea as long as we continue to get what we want.

  • 3


    If you hear this word leave our lips, then watch out. We have a sharp tongue and a quick temper. Your treading on thin ice. You better backtrack a bit to save yourself. This teapot is about to boil over. Whatever has caused the "whatever" statement needs to be fixed and fast. This is where the listening and compliments come into play. What did you miss? Time for a speedy explanation but remember we can spot BS a mile away.

  • 4


    We can be dangerous when our hormones come into play. One second we may be purring like a kitten and the next second you're a fricken eejit. You need to remember how loyal and loving we are - most of the time. Prepare to ride out the storm in a tactful way. So what if it's 100 degrees out and we're cold. Just agree and get us a blanket.

  • 5


    You will help us keep secrets from our mammy. You will continue to let our mammies think we're going to church every week and not sleeping in because we enjoyed to may pints on Saturday night. Mammy is perfect in every way and will always come before you. You need to be on mammies good side, or you won't be around at all.