This dog, recently named Freddy, was found tied to a pole extremely emaciated with some type of injury or burn to his muzzle.

Please help Freddy receive the care he needs by making a financial donation.

Stevens Swan Humane Society

Do you recognize Freddy or know the owner? If so, please call the authorities at (315) 223-3557.

The Steven Swans Humaine Society says:

"A person brought this sweet dog to our shelter after finding him tied to a pole at the park on Stark Street in Utica. He is extremely emaciated and has some type of injury or burn to his muzzle.

He was examined and treated by a veterinarian and is currently offsite receiving care. We named him Freddy and are happy to say he is in good spirits and hopeful he will make a full recovery.

Stevens Swan Humane Society

Please, if you have any information about who did this to him contact the Utica Animal Control or our shelter.
Utica Animal Control at (315)223-3557
Stevens-Swan Humane Society (315)738-4357

If you would like to contribute towards Freddy's recovery please use the link below or donations can be mailed or dropped off to:
Stevens-Swan Humane Society
5664 Horatio Street
Utica, NY 13502

Freddy has a long road ahead of him and we greatly appreciate the help from our community. We would like to thank the person that brought him to us for help and will update when we know more."

Stevens Swan Humane Society

Freddy seems to be doing a bit better as he's shaking for a treat. See the video below.

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To report an animal being neglect or abused, call 911 if it is an emergency. Otherwise, call the organization’s 24-hour hotline at (315) 454-3469 or file an online notice at