Are you looking to quit using chewing tobacco for your New Year's resolution? Here's one product that can help you do that.

Smokey Mountain Snuff is a 100% tobacco free and 100% nicotine free product that is meant to help you stop using smokeless tobacco products. They consist of several herbs, corn silk, molasses, and other ingredients, including cayenne pepper to help you feel like it's still chewing tobacco.

They also have xylitol in them, which is a natural sweetener without the bad side effects of sugars or artificial substitutes, and can even produce an unwelcoming environment for bacteria, so it actually can help prevent tooth decay and cavities!

They have a variety of flavors from grape, cherry, peach, mint, and certain flavors also come in pouches. Most people who use Smokey Mountain feel like it is the perfect substitute for smokeless tobacco.

You can order a sample pack for FREE as well, including 5 flavors for only the price of shipping. Other orders after that are also relatively inexpensive. If your New Year's resolution is to stop using chewing tobacco, this just may be the solution you've been looking for.

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