Has there ever been a year we've been more ready to put behind us than 2020? Here are some traditions from around the world to ensure 2020 stays gone - taking its bad juju with it, and 2021 is the best year ever.

2020 sucked. So hard. With 2021 nearly upon us, we're all hoping the New Year brings better health, better times, and for the love of peanut butter, human contact. Whatever you're wishing for this New Year, it's time to pull out all the stops and make sure 2020 goes out with a bang - and stays out.

Here are some traditions used around the world to ensure a prosperous New Year:

Open All Your Doors and Windows at Midnight on New Year's Eve

The Chinese say opening all the doors and windows makes certain the old year leaves, and the new one is welcomed freely. Buh bye, 2020.

Make Lots of Noise

Ever wonder why noise-makers are a part of most New Year's celebrations? Turns out, evil spirits don't like loud noise - so you can chase them out those windows and start the new year fresh.

Hang a Lemon in Your Doorway

Evil spirits don't like lemons either, so on New Year's Day, put some in your doorway.

Don't Throw Anything Away on New Year's Day

You may be cleaning up after your party, but don't throw anything away - it reportedly sets up a vibe for the new year of leaving or loss. No thank you.

Wear White

This Brazilian tradition is said give the wearer good luck and peace in the New Year.

Smash a Plate

In Denmark, broken dishes are a good thing. People go around breaking dishware on the doorsteps of their friends and family. The more shards there are in front of your home the next day, the luckier and more well liked you are, according to Good Housekeeping.

Jump into the New Year

Another tradition from Denmark. Stand on your chair, and at the stroke of midnight, "jump" into the New Year.

I don't know about you, but I'm doing all of these - twice.

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