For most of us, being stuck at home is an inconvenience - for victims of domestic violence, it can be a dangerous and difficult time.

In Central New York, people are being asked to stay at home in an efforts to slow the spread of coronavirus. For people experiencing domestic violence, these orders trap them at home with their abusers, further isolating them from the people and resources that might be able to help. 

On Facebook, men and women are sharing a post designed to offer a helping hand to those suffering from domestic violence - in the form of a 'code' that can be used to access help.

"If you're stuck in quarantine with a toxic or abusive partner, message me about my handmade face masks (I don't have any) and I will know to check in on you regularly.

If you ask me about BUYING my face masks (I don't sell any) and include a shipping address, I will know to contact the police.

If you already have masks or masks aren't a reliable cover - apply the same method but about cooking recipes. If you ask me for Honey Barbecue Ribs - I'll know to contact the police.

There has been an increase in domestic violence cases since this quarantine. Please don't be afraid to reach out. Please don’t stay silent. I am a safe space for you and I will help you in any way I can.

If you're willing, put something similar on your wall as I have, or you can copy and paste this. Strength in numbers."

You can copy and paste this message to your Facebook wall as well - you never know - you could be the helping hand someone needs right now.

If you need help, contact the YWCA of the Mohawk Valley. Their emergency lines are:

Oneida County Hotline | 315.797.7740
24-Hour Free & Confidential Hotline
domestic & sexual violence crisis services

Herkimer County Hotline | 315.866.4120
24-Hour Free & Confidential Hotline
severe child abuse & sexual violence crisis services

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