Hailing from the expansive metropolis of NY Mills, Nick Vanderwood has become somewhat of a legend already to all who meet or hear him. He and I have shared the stage several times singe we met and now as a high school senior, he's got his own band but also seems curious about another area of music that he hasn't explored yet... Radio.

He's going to spend every Monday behind the Oldiez studio door before he graduates and who knows, maybe we'll turn him into another musician/radio DJ hybrid after this! Keep listening for his voice on the airwaves and watch for his blogs, but in the meantime here's Nick fronting his band, 'Glen Street' last month...



Nick as Spiderman at Saranac...



Nick singing the National Anthem at a Celtics game



And lastly here's a shot of Nick and I at Pizza Boys, winging it. Literally.


Photo: Bernard Vanderwood
Photo: Bernard Vanderwood

Welcome aboard, Nick! Mondays just got a whole lot better! Thanks for picking us out of all of the places you could've gone to hang out with until you split for bigger and better things in the spring... Hope ya dig!

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