Are we sure the headline says "New York Man" and not "Florida Man"? That appears to be the case, as New York State police told WNYT that a Whitehall man used Molotov cocktails to burn down mailboxes. What's the story here? According to WNYT, the mailboxes belonged to two men the suspect had hired to do a job for him. Guess the job won't get done now.

Authorities say the suspect hired two Amish men to build a sugar shack. It is not clear when nor how the deal went south, but officials say the suspect had already threatened to burn down the houses where the men lived. Police say the Amish men never contacted them over the previous threats, perhaps because they didn't have a phone to call police with? Officials say the suspect has been charged with arson and criminal mischief after he put the Molotov cocktails in their mailboxes.

In other news, an Amish woman was killed over the weekend after a truck crashed into a horse-drawn carriage in Oswego County. says the accident happened on Route 41 in Richland, NY, when a pickup truck hit the back of the buggy traveling southbound. Police say the 22-year-woman was killed, and two other occupants were hurt after being thrown from the buggy. Trooper Jack Keller says that drugs, alcohol, nor speed were factors in the crash. Keller also said that another vehicle was traveling in the opposite direction, so the driver of the pickup wasn't able to get into the other lane.

A similar sort of explosive was used to attempt burn down a Hudson Valley restaurant in late 2020. Police say they were called to a disturbance at the Hung Fu Restaurant in Kingston in late December. Officials say that a 36 year-old Kingston man allegedly threw a Molotov cocktail inside the restaurant. Officials say there were customers inside the restaurant at the time of the incident, but no was injured.

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