Numerous items will be part of a massive bundle of things Joe Bonamassa is auctioning off. Including the master to a never heard song and the instruments used to produce it.

Those are actually only a few of the things that will be a part of the bundle being auctioned off. This actually is an idea that could help independent artists without association to a label to thrive. Bonamassa already has done a decent job for himself in that regard as he is mentioned in elite company when talking about the greatest guitarists of all time.

The main selling point is the fact that you will own every aspect of the unreleased song "Broken Record", from that point you may choose to do whatever it is you wish with the item. It is being called an NFT, or, a Non-Fungible Token.

The thing about non-fungible tokens is that you have ownership of something special and unique. That's what I like about it because there's a lot of collectors out there that all they want is something special, and something unique that nobody else has. - Joe Bonamassa

Items that are a part of the collection,

  • 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard
  • 1963 Fender Viboverb Amp
  • Master Track and rights to publish the original song "Broken Record"
  • Signed lyric sheet by Bonamassa
  • Signed lithograph by Bonamassa
  • 4 tickets and 4 meet and greet passes to one Joe Bonamassa concert every year
  • "Nerdville" museum tour with Bonamassa and lunch with him as well.

The bidding for this incredibly unique package from the New York Mills native starts at $350,000. However, it is something that could change the music industry and you would be the owner of numerous one-of-a-kind items. Find out more details about the auction, time, and place from the Heritage Auctions.

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