One of the only local men's clothing stores left in Central New York had a special surprise customer stop by and get fitted for his cousin's upcoming wedding. A. Vitullo owner Bob Roth says this is not the first time they've had this New York Giants notable walk through their doors.

Riley Dixon is the punter for the Giants and he visited A. Vitullo Inc. in order to be fitted for the tuxedo he's wearing to his cousin's wedding this weekend. Dixon is no stranger to the area having been born and raised in Oneida, New York. Dixon also attended Syracuse University where he played for the Syracuse Orange football team. Roth says,

Riley is a groomsman for his cousin’s wedding this weekend and A.Vitullo was fortunate to be able to fit him in his tuxedo. This is the second time we’ve fitted Riley for tuxedos. He always is pleasant and accommodating. He’s willing to take pictures and answer questions. Not only is he an outstanding punter he is an outstanding person.

Dixon posed for a picture in the iconic men's clothier and as Roth said was happy to do it.

The Mohawk Valley is no stranger to talented athletes who went on to play or work in the realm of professional sports. In the football world alone we've seen names like Matt Patricia of VVS High School and the late Will Smith of Thomas R. Proctor High School. Hopefully, Dixon and his cousin enjoy themselves this weekend and it's good to know it 'kicked off' well at my favorite place to shop for men's clothing.

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