Each NFL season, teams board their busses and charter planes, and travel to neighboring cities to play games every Sunday.

The more years you play during your NFL career, the more cities you'll have a chance to visit, and the more you'll learn about the atmosphere that other teams have in their home stadiums. You'll go to warm climates, cold climates, loud buildings, quieter buildings, and everything else in-between.

At the end of the 2021 season, The Athletic polled players on a number of topics around the league, including their favorite, and least-favorite, places to play on the road. Naturally, an Upstate New York destination has topped the inauspicious side of the list.

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Buffalo Voted Co-Worst Place to Play on the Road in the NFL

According to the players who voted in The Athletic's article, Buffalo was voted as one of the two worst places to visit in the NFL, in a tie with Green Bay. The voting went like this: Buffalo (4), Green Bay (4),  Cincinnati (2), Jacksonville (2), Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh.

Buffalo received a whopping ten votes two years ago, when The Athletic last polled players on these questions, so it appears as though the place with "no charm, and all the negatives of Green Bay" has improved in the minds of players around the league.

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills' fans / Getty Images

Who can blame players for saying this about Buffalo? It's a great place to play if you're a member of the home team, but if you're on the road, you're facing an average of 67,816 ravenous fans, oftentimes in sub-freezing temperatures.

It's not exactly tropical as the fall becomes winter in Buffalo.

Other Results From Player Votes in 2022

New York Giants' guard Will Hernandez received a vote as one of the most underrated players on offense in the NFL. MetLife Stadium also received a vote as one of the places where visiting players enjoy playing in most, though it doesn't specify if they mean for the Giants, or for the Jets.

Granted, with how bad both teams have been, I'm sure the trip has been enjoyable no matter what.

Washington Football Team v New York Giants
New York Giants' fans in 2021 / Getty Images

Around the NFL, Colts' running back Jonathan Taylor was voted as the league's Offensive MVP, while Steelers' DE T.J. Watt was voted as such on the defensive end. Players would most like to play for Steelers' coach Mike Tomlin, and their favorite non-football athlete is LeBron James.

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