Monday night, New York Mets first baseman Pete Alonso had just hit his 18th home run of the season. He was rounding 3rd base and as he faced his teammates in the dugout he began to do an imitation of a Pete Townshend guitar windmill. Alonso was signaling to his fellow Amazin's that they were rockin'. Pete Alonso likes to have fun and he's not afraid to show it. Following his second Home Run Derby Championship, the young first baseman is blossoming into a bonafide star. But is Pete Alonso one of the Top 5 Sports Stars in the Empire State? I don't think so. Let's take a look.

First, is Pete Alonso the biggest star on his own team? I say no. Francisco Lindor has a better back of the baseball card than Pete does, but he didn't do it in New York. Pete wins that battle for now. Now there is the guy that wears an S under his jersey that has number 48 on it. Sorry Pete, deGrom is a star to the stars. Jake deGrom holds the Mets Star Crown for now. Jacob deGrom is one of the Top 5 New York Sports Stars.

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How about the Yankees? Giancarlo Stanton has a big contract but he's far from the Bronx Bombers biggest star. GM Brian Cashman gave Gerrit Cole $324 million but he's still can't compete for that star title on the Yankees, not yet at least. No, the title of Biggest Yankee Star goes to the player with the biggest pinstripe uniform, Aaron Judge. Number 99 delivers for the Yankee faithful night in and night out. He represents New York with dignity and strength. That's why his Honor is one of the Top 5 New York Stars.

The New York Giants is a tough one. Is Daniel Jones a star? I would say if you have been the starting quarterback for New York's most prestigious NFL franchise for the past two years, you are a star. The young QB has not played consistently like a star and this will be an important year for them. However, one player that has played like a star on the Giants has been running back Saquon Barkley. Prior to his injury last year, Barkley consistently put up elite running back numbers. That's why Saquon Barkley is one of the Top 5 New York Sports Stars.

The New York Jets don't have a star, yet. They will. So will the Rangers. The Islanders have a few stars but it's the NHL, we're not there yet. Julius Randle seemed destined for New York stardom until he laid an egg against Atlanta in the playoffs. However, when the Nets were in the playoffs and Kyrie Irving and James Harden went down with injuries, one player stood tall. Not only is Kevin Durant a top 5 basketball player in the NBA, he's a Top 5 Sports Star in New York.

Who's the last one on my list? Zach Wilson, the #1 Draft Pick of the Jets? No, he hasn't played a down. If you want to find the last of my Top 5 Sports Stars in New York, you have to go to Buffalo and see Josh Allen. He is not only a star in Western New York, Allen is a true star in the NFL. He will take the Bills to the Super Bowl one day and that is why he is on my Top 5 New York Sports stars list.

Feel free to send us your Top 5 New York Sports Stars list!

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