If you're into ghost, goblins and things that go bump in the night, get ready for one for one of the most horrific date nights ever.

Have dinner with central New York's 'Forbidden Family' at the Crooked Descent Horror Attraction in Frankfort. The former Herkimer County House Of Horror features more than a quarter mile of indoor/outdoor horror.

Every town has its share of secrets, but few are as gruesome as the tale of the Badger family living deep within the woods of Central New York. It's believed this family hidden away from society is the cause of the areas many missing people. The county residents think the Badger's have been living off the land - and anyone who crosses their paths, for generations.

Enjoy a meal at the new Cacciatore’s Restaurant & Bar and two tickets to the Forbidden Family hosted by Crooked Descent Horror.

Photo Credit - Crooked Descent

Saturday October 10th is blackout night at Crooked Descent Horror. You're given a small glow stick and with little to no light, you'll make your way through the Forbidden Family’s territory.

Face masks are required and all tickets are now timed. You'll need to reserve a window of time to arrive to limit large crowds arriving at one time and ensure extra space for social distancing.

Crooked Descent Horror is located at 2842 NY-5 in Frankfort and shows runs 8pm to midnight Fridays and Saturdays, 8-11pm Sundays.

Learn more and get tickets at Crookedhorror.com.

Photo Credit - Crooked Descent

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