The DEC says the vicious attack of 7 sheep on a local farm was the work of coyotes, but the owners of the farm where the incident occurred in Albany County have reason to believe it was a mountain lion.  The owners have spoken out and they say nobody believes them raising concerns about farmers and neighbors in the area with animals of their own.

A vicious, brutal, bloody attack on a local farm in Medusa, NY of 7 sheep was the work of a pack of coyotes according to a report from News 10 ABC.  The DEC confirmed the killings after the owner of the farm woke up at the Lewisdale Farm in Medusa - a hamlet outside of Rensselaerville - and saw the grisly remains of 7 sheep.

Of the 7 sheep mutilated, one had its head removed, others suffered after body parts were ripped off, and sadly 6 of the 7 sheep killed were pregnant at the time according to the report. 

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The DEC claims that following an investigation, they've concluded that it was a pack of coyotes but farm owner Susan Lewis told News 10 ABC that they have 'never seen this type of carnage' before and claim the slaughter was work of mountain lions telling News 10 ABC, 'that property owners down the road have allegedly captured mountain lions on their trail cams in the past'.

Regardless of whatever wild animals executed the attack on the sheep, growing concerns of similar attacks on farms and domestic animals have risen.

Mountain lions have become a topic of debate in the state of New York in recent years after multiple alleged sightings on trail cams.  The DEC says that mountain lions in NY have been extinct since the 1800's. 

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