Mysterious packages from China keep arriving in one woman's Mohawk mailbox and she has no idea why.

Lori Schell Johannssen first she received a package that contained a vegetable peeler. But she didn't order one. Then a second package arrived. "It had some sort of sanding blocks in it," said Johannseen.

Photo Credit - Lori Schell Johannssen

A third package arrived. "This one had some sort of drops in it."

Photo Credit - Lori Schell Johannssen

A fourth package arrived. It contained teeth whitener. "I had to rip the label to see what was underneath," said Johannassen.

Under the label there was another one that came from China.

Photo Credit - Lori Schell Johannssen

Johannasen has a friend works who for cyber security. "They are looking into the packages from China. I'll give you more details when they get back to me."

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Mystery China Seeds

This isn't anything new. People across the country received suspicious, unsolicited packages of seeds last July. The USDA received reports from 22 states and sent out a warning to not plant the seeds and notify officials of the packages .The seeds were identified as 14 different species, including, mustard, cabbage, morning glory and some herbs.

This is known as a 'brushing scam.' People receive unsolicited items from a seller who then posts false customer reviews to boost sales. The scam won't cost you money, but an unknown company could be using your likeness to boost their presence and reputation online.

The Federal Trade Commission recommends changing all e-commerce passwords if you receive packages from China that you didn’t order.

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