Little Caesars of Yorkville, Rome, Mohawk, and Utica are bringing back the Pretzel Crust Pizza. They have released an internet puzzle to celebrate. Can you Unlock The Crust for prizes?

Back in 2014, Little Caesars released it's first Pretzel Crust Pizza. It vanished from it's menus for a few years, and many fans were upset. After a post went viral, Little Caesars is bringing it back. According to PRN News, for a limited time only, customers can get their Pretzel Crust Pizza for only $6 (plus applicable tax) at participating locations nationwide.

"Pretzel Crust fans, we hear you," said Jeff Klein, senior vice president of global marketing for Little Caesars. "This pizza is our most popular product request on social media, and we're excited to bring it back while treating customers to a few surprises along the way.""

Now, they didn't just bring this back. They created an internet puzzle for you to solve.

Unlock The Crust

Little Caesars has hidden codes in social media content, a radio spot, and even in the middle of a desert. Unlock the codes, and you unlock the prizes. You could win Pretzel Crust pizza shoes, a Pretzel Crust area rug, and a Pretzel Crust-themed moped. There are plenty of other prizes too.

Finders of these Pretzel Crust codes can enter them at to discover if they have won some of these exclusive prizes."

On Reddit, Little Caesars is running ads explaining that there are codes hidden in this picture of the pizza:

Little Caesars
Little Caesars

Can you crack the code? Go to the website for more options to zoom in.


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