Looking for some amazing fresh baked goods locally? Mad Batter Bakery is now open in Mohawk.

You will find Mad Batter Bakery located at 111 West Main Street in Mohawk. They are currently opened 5AM to 5PM Monday thru Friday, Saturday and Sunday's 8AM to 2PM.

They currently sell donuts-fingers, jelly, apple, lemon, buns, apple fritters, Halfmoons, muffins, breads, rolls, tomato pies, and more.

We are adding things daily as to see what people like.

Their frycakes are handmade, all made daily. They are encouraging people to call ahead as they are selling out very quickly if they know they want a doz 1/2 moons or dozen fingers.

Part owner Jamie worked at Dandee Donuts for over 10 years, than was a head baker at Hieldbergs for about 12 years.

So far the reviews on Facebook have been amazing:

Justin Briggs: Amazing baked goods and a friendly family oriented business. I recommend them! Support your local business!

Devin Leon: Good donuts! Fresh bread! Will go again!

Jessica Morra: Fresh breads and doughnuts ! Soo yummy!"

You can read more on their Facebook page.

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