The Jefferson County Sherrif's Office has seized multiple credit card skimming devices (pictured above) inside local gas pumps and are asking for your help. 

The Sheriff's Office is strongly urging consumers to use caution when using a card reader at a point of sale, especially at fuel pumps. Credit cards are safer to use versus debit cards. Your debit card PIN is a necessary part of the crime, and the thieves steal it giving them access to your bank account. By using a credit card, fraudulent charges can be disputed without deductions from your bank account.

A skimmer is a device that secretly swipes credit and debit card information when bank customers slip their cards in a card reader at a point of sale like the gas pump. Officials are also asking retailers to regularly inspect the card readers at fuel pumps and to report any suspicious activity, unfamiliar electronic devices, and unfamiliar or fraudulent security seals on fuel pumps.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office has released a statement:

Since mid-November local law enforcement agencies have fielded dozens of complaints of debit card fraud and the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office has seized multiple card skimming devices found inside local fuel pumps. Similar complaints have led to the discovery of card skimmers in St. Lawrence County, and it is possible more card skimmers are still in use in your area.

Modern skimmers like these are completely hidden within the fuel pump, and victims are unknowingly having account information compromised when paying at the pump with debit cards. This information is being used by numerous persons to make fraudulent purchases at local retailers.

Law enforcement agencies are asking for your assistance. Walmart stores in Watertown and Leray have provided the accompanying suspect images. Can you identify any of these people?

Jefferson County Sherriff's Office
Jefferson County Sherriff's Office
Jefferson County Sherriff's Office

If you can identify any of these suspects, please contact the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office at 315-786-2601, reference file # 17S017832 and mention Newzjunky. Tips can be kept confidential.

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