Some CNY diners are warning you to check your bill when eating out. You might find a non-cash fee that some businesses are passing on to you.

Should there be an added charge for how you pay your bill? Some local restaurants are simply adding a non-cash fee to your check if you pay with a credit card. This practice is making some customers so angry they say they'll never go back to the establishment.

Hey, we understand how hard the restaurant business is, and financially, owners are being nickeled and dimed right out of business. The credit card taxes and surcharges have been around for years but now the discussion is a hot topic once again.

Looks like there could be separate prices for paying with cash or a credit card at some area CNY restaurants much like at a gas station.  Added charges are popping up on the bill at some area restaurants so make sure you look closely next time you're out. As you can see on the receipt below, there was a non-cash fee added because a credit card was used for payment.

Mark Krukar
Mark Krukar
loading... says: Merchants must disclose surcharges as part of “total” prices in dollars and cents..."Surcharges on credit cards have been in and out of the courts for years and the latest ruling states: You cannot challenge surcharges on credit card transactions in New York, merchants in the Empire State can indeed embrace those fees, contingent upon stating those costs to consumers up front."

We understand the difficult situation restaurant owners are in. If they need $10.00 for a meal it shouldn't be $10.00 minus the credit card fee. That's not getting $10.00. On the other hand, no one seems to complain if the price of beef goes up and the restaurant raises the prices to cover that.

This is how it breaks down for the 4 Star Restaurant Group owner Doug Dunlay from

“We prefer if customers pay in cash over credit card, as there is no fee associated with it. However, more than 90% of customers use a credit card. We pay on average 3% of each transaction in credit card fees. The credit card fees range from 1.9% to 3% and each rewards credit card (Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa, United Milelage Plus Card, Delta Skymiles Card, etc) charges an additional 50 cents fee per transaction. It adds up as the majority of our transactions are with a rewards credit card,”

So here's the question, are you ok with 4% being tacked on to your bill because of how your paying? Should there be a sign posted, so you have a choice? Should restaurants go all cash? Do you carry cash?

I encourage you to read the comments in this Facebook post and let us know your thoughts.

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