Four years ago Molly joined us in the studio for our 50 Musicians in 50 Days series and then again as a guest DJ, and you know those dreams of making it big that she talked about? Well, it's finally happening...

This girl has been trying and trying to make something happen since before she and I met and just when I think that she had given up and chosen a more 'auspicious' career, this news drops! She is easily a testament to seed-planting and patience, but above all: endurance.

Some of the seeds that she'd been cultivating included taking lessons from Chris Cafferty of Transiberian Orchestra and even landing an opening slot for her band 'Pacinello' with the All American Rejects. But, who knew a simple meet-n-greet following a Tantric show would be her ticket to finally seeing her dreams start to unfold.

photo: Molly d'ago
photo of Molly with Hugo: Molly D'ago

Hugo Ferreira, Tantric's lead singer is the only remaining original member of the 90's-reminiscent rock band and he's losing his lead guitar player who also plays for Puddle of Mudd which is what opened the slot for Molly. Fingers crossed for her as she couldn't go the route of the vocal competitions given that she makes a guitar sing instead, but as you can see traditional pavement-pounding still works!

The closest that Tantric will come is Poughkeepsie on Jan 14th, which is just a couple of weeks away! Her last live date in CNY before shipping out is with 'Nothin' Town' at The Lanterns in Clayville on Saturday, but in the meantime here's her cover of the late Tom Petty's 'Won't Back Down':


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