So your at the end of your rope trying to figure out what can you get the woman in your life for the holidays. Are you considering chocolate diamonds?

Whatever you do, do not buy an appliance, vacuum cleaner or anything else that could be used to clean the house. This holds true for any appliance to cook food as well is a no-no. Above all do not, I say, do not buy anything that has the phrase printed on the box anywhere, AS SEEN ON TV. If for some reason you do, well it's been nice knowing you.

Now there is a relatively new entry to the jewelry market. Have you heard about chocolate diamonds? It looks like a dirty stone and some look absolutely drop-dead gorgeous in color.

The diamonds are considered by some as not real diamonds they are in fact considered by the jewelry industry as being a diamond all unto itself. They do have a much lower cost to acquire than traditional clear diamonds.

So, if you really want to hit a home run this Christmas and you can't afford the hope diamond then a chocolate diamond just may be the way to go. Earrings, pendant or ring would make you a hero as long as the next gift isn't a frying pan as seen on TV.

Merry Christmas


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