Who Should Sing In The 2014 Keith James All Star Band?
Now that Elliott Ciotti of Enemy Down and half of the band COSTON have been voted in, it's time to find that fourth musician for the 2014 Keith James All-Star Band! Think you have the perfect CNY singer in mind who is effectively trhe can drive the All Star Band like a clock?
Get To Know Kelly Preston As She Talks With Keith James
Following the greatest voting battle so far, Kelly Preston has been given the right by YOU to step up and grab the Keith James All Star Band microphone on November 7th at Cavallo's. But first, if you're not familiar with her or her latest band Hot Roxx, take a listen below to her interview
We Have A Winner For The Keith James All Star Singer
After the most fierce week of voting yet between 29 nominees for the Keith James All Star Band vocalist and easily more than a staggering 51,000+ votes cast, Kelly Preston of Hot Roxx has emerged victorious with almost half (44%) of the total vote, meaning 22,000+ votes just for her alone!
Vote For The Best Singer In Central New York
We've got one last musician to choose, so let the final round of hair-pulling and nail-biting commence now that the nominees for everyone's favorite Central New York vocalist are in! There's a good selection of both male and female belters up for your consideration for the Keith James…