You may've seen her at Hannaford in Washington Mills, or you may know her as your kid's special ed teacher at BOCES in Waterville, but this totally unassuming girl is also known for moonlighting as the lead singer of the band, Item 6. Debra Huebner was on break from teaching this week so we finally got her in studio to share more about her life and to zip a song your way too. Listen up!


photo: (Debra Huebner) Item 6

Get the story behind Deb, her band's name and more!


photo: (Debra Huebner) Keith James / TSM

Now for her original song, Nameless done all acoustic-like.

Deb with longer locks in December with her band, Item 6...



photo: (Debra Huebner) Keith James / TSM


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