If your house is anything like mine, this television show is always on anyway. You might as well try to take that binge-watching time and turn it into cash, right?

Want to make money by watching a show that you're probably going to be watching anyway? If you got this far into reading, then you love the show and you watch it all the time, right? Imagine taking that and turning it into $1000. News10 reported on a way you can.

USDish, an authorized reseller of DISH, is offering someone $1000 plus perks to watch 15 hours of "The Office" in nine days. Without commercials, that ends up being about 45 episodes. Regular Saturday night for you, huh?

The company is doing it to celebrate the television show's 15th anniversary. The perks include "a Netflix gift card and a “dream job kit” with swag from the show." Apply through their website but do it fast because you can only enter until March 16th at 7pm EST.

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