Get Paid $1000 Just For Watching 'Friends'
'Friends' super-fans, your time has come!
You can get paid $1000 just for watching 'Friends' to help celebrate the show's 25th Anniversary.  I mean, sure there's more to it than just sitting down and watching an episode, but still, you can get paid to watch TV...
10 Television Series That Left Central New York Crushed
After the finale of Game of Thrones this past Sunday, many people across the nation (Central NY included) are sad that the show is over. One website offered therapy sessions to help fans deal with their feelings. What other shows made us sad when they were over?
Labor Day Is Not The Same Without Jerry Lewis [VIDEO]
As a baby boomer, I grew up with comedian Jerry Lewis and am a big fan. And for 44 years, he hosted the MDA Labor Day Telethon and raised millions of dollars for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Then in 2011, Jerry was cut loose from the telethon, and Labor Day hasn't been the same since.
Jason Mott Talks 'The Returned' And ABC's 'Resurrection'
Sunday nights had been pretty boring for the most part on network television, at least until ABC released their 'Resurrection' series in early March. Like many people all over the nation I got instantly hooked and set a date with my TV every weekend in order to satisfy my Resurrection fix.…

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