Recently, we showed you a color coded map that displayed average breast size by country. Spoiler alert, the US is NOT #1. But, the greatest nation in the world does come in at a solid D cup. We wondered what the average would’ve been before the advent of the implant. Say, like, in 1959 – which is when the new TV show ‘Magic City’ is supposed to take place. 

The program’s producers have gone public with their frustrations trying to cast true-to-their-time actresses and models – in simpler terms, they can’t find chicks with REAL boobs. Apparently, they’re going more the route of Pirates of the Caribbean 4 and less Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge.

To say Miami is overrun with ‘fake’ people wouldn’t be that much of an exaggeration. The city ranked third in the country with the most plastic surgery. Men’s Health ranked Miami No. 4 in a list of “Capitals of Cosmetic Surgery” in 2008 and Florida accounted for 16 percent of the nation’s breast augmentations.

Historical accuracy is overrated anyway. In ‘The Hunger Games’, District 12 is supposed to be impoverished, which means people who live there should appear gaunt and famished, yet Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence’s character) is a full-figured healthy looking woman. It’s on pace to be one of the most successful films of the year.

Why not produce some revisionist history? If you ask wild-eyed historians, it wouldn’t be the first time. Think of it like the alt universe presented in ‘Watchmen.’ Then air it on Skinemax.

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