It’s been a long time since Men’s Fitness put a woman on the cover of their magazine.  Seeing this former WWE starlet more than makes up for that.

The ultra leggy blonde wrestler from WCW and WWE will be the first female cover model for the magazine in almost four years.

Judging from the preview video of her studio and beachfront cover shoot, it’s bound to raise more than a few eyebrows at a newsstand near you. Actually, that may not be all that it raises.

Keibler’s resume reads like the work history of a teenage boy’s top 10 list of female role-playing fantasies, according to her IMDB page. She’s been dancing and modeling since she was a kid and got her big break as a cheerleader for the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens on the team’s first cheerleading squad.

She moved up to the defunct WCW wrestling league as one of their “Nitro Girls,” most memorably as the sultry secretary Mrs. Hancock. She eventually moved to the WWE where the company recognized her eye-catching talent and promoted her as a wrestler in the league. Thanks to her brutal dancing and wrestling training, she was able to make it as one of the final three contestants in the second season of ABC’s ‘Dancing with the Stars.’

She’s also been able to reach a peak level of fitness that would make any guy or girl extremely jealous. No hard feelings, though – we’d help her stretch out anytime.

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