Ice Cream! Oh yeah! Even though we’ve seen warmer days in February and March than we have end of April, I can’t say I haven’t gotten a head start on my ice cream intake for this season.


What a great Summer treat. Wouldn’t it be great if we could put the ice cream into an edible container so there was no trash by the time you finish it? What a great idea that would be. Oh wait, there is such a thing. It’s called a cone. That’s right, the cone was first introduced in 1904. During the 1904 St. Louis Worlds Fair, The Banner Creamery's owner George Bang was selling ice cream. Allegedly, he ran out of bowls and was given rolled-up waffles to serve it in instead.
The earliest cones were rolled by hand, but in 1912, Frederick Bruckman, an inventor from Portland, Oregon, patented a machine for rolling ice cream cones. He sold his company to Nabisco in 1928, which is still producing ice cream cones as of 2012. Independent ice-cream providers such as Ben & Jerry's make their own cones.

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