21 year old Chris Kalbaugh set up a video camera in his car and turned it on while driving through a DUI checkpoint on July 4th (of all days, no accident there) with the intention of documenting if police would let him exercise his constitutional rights and the result has recently gone viral.

Watch the video below. And we'll talk more in 6 min...



The kid was never charged with anything and I don't know about you but this made my skin crawl... on BOTH sides of the issue. I've read through literally pages and pages of comments both from law enforcement, attorneys and of course the gobs of people that simply offer their impression of the incident so I'll chime in too:

You can literally FEEL the tension that both men are experiencing during this altercation. If I were that kid, my heart would've been pounding out of my chest rolling up to that checkpoint knowing what I was about to do. Sure, he hadn't been drinking and he may've been completely within his rights to refuse all of the officer Ross's requests, but his stance by definition was argumentative and if I were the cop I would've been VERY suspicious too. In challenging the system, he turned what would've been a few-second exchange into a half-hour ordeal, the effects of which are reverberating all over the nation now. I wonder if the heartache he caused was worth the few million YouTube hits.

Here's the full un-edited altercation as recorded by police cruiser dashcam which offered a little more insight as to how everything went down (if you've got the time):



Sure, the officer could've had a slower fuse and might've discovered the kid's real purpose quickly if he wasn't offended by being stonewalled, but how many of us react with a cool head when our authority is blatantly challenged for no apparent reason. Be that as it may, here's another video of an officer with a much cooler head than I'd have in that situation, and the outcome is decidedly different:



In my opinion, this is a classic example of being 'so right that you're wrong' on both sides and I have to say I'm not really digging the whole Libertarian party right now, or at least not the way in which some of it's constituents behave. It feels too much like what religious people do when their noble cause clouds their judgement and delivery. How well most of us listen depends largely on how it's put to us...

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