You might've seen an LOL video pop up in your newsfeed of a guy playing jazz piano to Cardi B as she sorta speak-sings about her new Swisher Sweets Uggs. Well, his name is Charles Cornell and turns out that he actually grew up right down the Thruway in Glens Falls! In case you missed it, or just to put yourself in stitches again, here's that video...

Charles now hails from the Colorado mountains and you'd be right if you guessed that he'd been playing piano since around the time that he was learning how to potty-train and feed himself. When asked how he came up with the ideas for his memes, here's what he had to say in a tell-all article put out by Glens Falls Living:

I had remembered seeing videos from years ago where people would transcribe the notes of speech and play along to them which was always utterly hysterical, so I decided to give it a shot myself! ... These videos are meant to be complete nonsense while at the same time, hopefully musically impressive. If that combination gives people a boost in positivity throughout their day, then I see that as a win.

If you'd like a peek into Charles's creative process, he just released a behind the scenes video two days ago about how he comes up with this stuff. Even though it's 15 minutes long, you'll be laughing the whole way as he again chooses Cardi B as the subject because she just somehow makes it REALLY easy to be parodied. He also makes fun of himself too, because as any creative person knows, there's lots of trail and error between the conception of an idea and the finished product!

Be sure to subscribe to his Youtube channel so you don't miss another golden nugget of musical whimsy.

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