Drunk Driver Kills Oneida Son and Boyfriend
"There are no words to describe the pain myself, our families, and friends are feeling after the selfish actions of a drunk driver." Those word from an Oneida teen who lost her "true love" in a tragic car crash.
Libertarians - Patriots Or Troublemakers?
21 year old Chris Kalbaugh set up a video camera in his car and turned it on while driving through a DUI checkpoint on July 4th (of all days, no accident there) with the intention of documenting if police would let him exercise his constitutional rights and the result has recently gone viral.
DUI On Horseback?
Not only does Kentucky have the most famous horse race in the world, they also will give you a DUI for being drunk on a horse!
Pittsburgh Steelers Star Hines Ward Arrested for DUI
Hines Ward, current 'Dancing With the Stars' champion and Pittsburgh  Steelers star wide receiver, was arrested for driving under the  influence just outside Atlanta, Georgia early Saturday morning.
The former Super Bowl MVP was booked into the DeKalb County jail and  later r…