After the most fierce week of voting yet between 29 nominees for the Keith James All Star Band vocalist and easily more than a staggering 51,000+ votes cast, Kelly Preston of Hot Roxx has emerged victorious with almost half (44%) of the total vote, meaning 22,000+ votes just for her alone!

It was a fierce battle for the Top 3 with Max Scialdone was a decent 2nd at 24% and Josh Badger came in at 3rd with another 20%. Runners up included Mike Sales of Simpleprops, Aaron Davis of BoCNY and Shawn Smith of Showtime. It's interesting to note that members of the bands Simpleprops and BoCNY came in 4th and 5th for the drummer category too and BoCNY's guitar player IS the KJ All Star Band Guitarist! Each category also saw a member of 'Showtime' near the top too and the incomparable Jeff Moyer was the only guy who was nominated for EVERY category because yes, he's THAT good!



Kelly will join me on keys, Ken Race on drums, Jared Wentrick on guitar and Walt Butler on bass for an electric one-of-a-kind never-will-happen-again show onstage November 7th at Cavallo's from 7p-10ish! Each of the winner's bands will be playing too, so it's gonna be a huge night of jamming... Can't wait to see you there!


Official Keith James All Star Band Voting Results

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