Paul Kantner, the founding member of Jefferson Airplane, has died in San Francisco at the age of 74 due to multiple organ failure and septic shock after he suffered a heart attack days earlier.

Paul Kantner beat the odds when he was 39 years old by surviving a cerebral hemorrhage without surgery. Then in the 60's he had a serious motorcycle accident where he hit a tree at 40 mph head first and nearly shattered his skull.

Paul Kantner was in love with lead singer Grace Slick for years, but she was involved with the drummer Spencer Dryden. That relationship ultimately failed. Grace and Paul did end up together and were nicknamed  "the psychedelic John and Yoko." They had a daughter China Wing Kantner, best known as a former MTV VJ.

Here's Jefferson Airplane in 1969 at Woodstock in Bethel NY. Recalling Woodstock 40 years later, Kantner stated: “We were due to be on stage at 10 pm on Saturday night but, we didn’t get on until 7.30 am the following day."


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