Do you get sucked into a social media rabbit hole like I do? I'll just start scrolling through amazing dog videos and that turns into clips from The Office and before you know it I am seeing fights at sporting events and bizarre human behavior. Whether it was caught on video or not, some of these situations are real, right?

Here is a scenario, you tell me if it's real. A woman walking down a New York street minding her own business. Next thing you know she falls through a storm drain and into the sewer. Real or fake? Turns out this one is real.

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This incident wasn't staged for the latest TikTok trend. A woman actually fell into the sewer. Over the weekend, according to, 34-year-old Keleigh Webber of Syracuse was walking near the Centro Transit Hub and fell through a storm drain. How is this possible?

EMS1 reports that, for some unknown reason, 45-year-old Stuart Seidel of Syracuse is accused of removing the grate over the storm drain. Seidel is charged with first-degree reckless endangerment for removing the grate.


The victim, Keleigh Webber, was simply walking along the 500 block of Salina Street, stepped off the curb and into the sewer. Webber was injured to the point where she was unable to climb out of the sewer on her own. Firefighters rescued her using a pully-system.

Webber was taken to Upstate University Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The victim indicated pain in her right leg and arm.

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