Iron Maiden’s new foray into alcoholic beverages seems to be yet another smashing success for the legendary band. After unleashing news of their coveted ‘Trooper’ ale on the world, the response has been so positive that the brewery is having a hard time keeping up with the orders, and that’s just keeping up with advanced requests before the beer is even on sale.

According to Classic Rock Magazine, Robinsons brewery boss David Bremner reports that in the demand for the ‘Trooper’ ale is “history in the making for brewing.” Bremner has had to increase staffing to six days a week making three batches a day just to keep up with the advance orders that have been pouring in from over 100 countries.

With Bruce Dickinson and Iron Maiden involved in every step along the way from the recipe to selecting the brewery, they wanted to make sure they weren’t just having their name thrown on a product he couldn’t stand behind. “We were really keen to get stuck into the brewing process and not just have our name plonked on the bottle,” explains Dickinson about the process for finding the right brewery. “I was impressed with Robinsons because they didn’t instantly jump all over the idea. In fact, we ended up having to audition for them.”

It’s probably the first thing Bruce Dickinson has had to audition for in some time but he described the encounter as a very positive one. “We got together and did a blind tasting of about ten beers," he explained. “We impressed them with our beer knowledge and we proceeded from there.”

From there they’ve managed to make brewing history with a signature, first-class ale named after one of their most powerful tunes. For more on Maiden’s new brew, visit the official website, the ale is set to be made available worldwide in May.

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