A woman who lost her iPhone on a cruise found the suspect because of the photos he was taking with it.

Katy McCaffrey lost her phone while on a Disney Cruise Line vacation. She learned someone took it because some unfamiliar photos started popping up on her Apple iCloud account, a service that automatically uploads photos, files and apps wirelessly to different devices at once.

The photos turned out to be from the person suspected of taking the phone who appears to be an employee of the cruise ship. The photos featured the unidentified man relaxing with his friends and posing with other costumed Disney employees on the ship.

She reported the employee to those in charge on the cruise ship because the suspect appeared in several of the photos with his name tag on his shirt. She also posted them on her Facebook page in an album titled “Stolen iPhone Adventures.” They have since made their way around the web. The employee has also been placed on administrative leave. Officials also returned McCaffrey’s phone to her.

Now that’s justice. This story automatically make iCloud our third favorite iPhone feature behind ‘Words with Friends’ and that one app that makes you look like a zombie with half of a face.

Here are some of our favorites from McCaffrey’s photo album.