If you suddenly became a MILLIONAIRE, would you still use coupons and hunt for deals?  My quick answer would be no way.  As a millionaire, I definitely could find better use of my time than looking for ways to save money.   I was talking to a co-worker the other day about this very subject.  As it stands, right now, we'll keep an eye out for any kind of savings we can get, whether it be on groceries, restaurants, or other goods and services.  Why?  Because most of us either have to be thrifty, or we get some enjoyment knowing that we saved a little bit and we're not paying actual price for something.  For a lot of people, it's more of a challenge to save money, whether you need to or not.  According to a new survey, 90% of women said they would continue to use coupons, even if they became millionaires.  The survey also found 68% say they shop for deals because they WANT TO . . . and NOT because they have to.

  --88% love the bragging rights that go along with finding a great deal.  "I saved $5.00 on this, what did you pay?  Full Price?  Pshhhhh!

Oh, and if that isn't interesting enough for you, get this.  Women value saving money so much, 50% of them would give up sex for six months, for $2500.  Wow!  That comes to about $416 a month, or about $104 per week.  How does that make you feel?


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