Whether you like it or not the holiday season is upon us and that means buying gifts for those you love. If you're going to buy stuff anyway, why not save a little money while you do it.

Today is National Cash Back Day, a day created by the website and app "RetailMeNot" as a way to boost both spending and boost savings.

The best part about this day is that it has a lot of online retailers participating, but it also includes local brick and mortar stores. It's not just cash back for buying online. You can search for local retailers and use your cash back deal there today.

Basically, you open the RetailMeNot app on your phone, activate the cashback deal, hit cash back and see a list of participating retailers and all their deals. Your cash back will fall under "My Rewards" in about 45 days. Then you can send it to yourself through PayPal.

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Check out www.cashbackday.com for all the details.

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