What! Your car doesn't have blind spot detection? No biggie. Try adjusting your side mirrors this way to eliminate blind spots.

We show you how to set up your mirrors so that a passing car will appear in your rear-view mirror, transition into your side-view mirror, and then transition into your peripheral vision seamlessly. Wouldn't you like to drive without blind spots?

Now most everyone can set up your rear view drivers mirror. Just make sure it's centered in your back window. Then do this:

  1. Sit in the driver’s seat and lean your head against the driver’s side window. Adjust that mirror until you can just barely see the edge of your car.
  2. Sit back up and lean approximately the same distance toward the passenger side, and do the same thing to the passenger side mirror.
  3. Once you sit back up straight, you’re done.

Once you get used to driving with your mirrors like this, you'll never go back to making sure the side of your car is with you at all times. LOL.

Find out more by stopping into Carbone Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ramtheir highly trained service technicians, and service advisor Mike bass can answer all your questions. They’re conveniently located at 5017 Commercial Drive, Yorkville, or give them a call at 315-736-3371.

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