You're sweating, and you turn on the A/C, and that's when it happens. Your windshield is it seriously fogged over.

This can be a dangerous situation when you're driving, but guess what? There's a very easy solution to fix the problem. It's your vehicles recirculation button. Do you know what this button does? This is awesome when it's used properly.

Mike from Carbone Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram tells us "you have run your defroster on the circulate mode."  You should only use your recirculation button in the Summer as it recirculates the cool air within the vehicle. If you don't turn the button on, the muggy damp air from outside your vehicle is pulled in and then your windshield can fog up. Your recirculation button helps protect your A/C compressor and may even save you a few dollars at the gas pump.

Here's a bonus tip: In the Winter, put your temperature control to hot, and turn your A/C to clear your windows faster. Because it dehumidifies it will work much faster than just using the defrost button.

Mike also tells us how to reduce your risk of hydroplaning by keeping good tires on your car in the summer. Find out more by stopping into Carbone Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ramtheir highly trained service technicians can answer all your questions. They're conveniently located at 5017 Commercial Drive, Yorkville, or give them a call at 315-736-3371.

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