The Buffalo Head Restaurant has corrected all their health code violations and passed the latest inspection from the state Health Department.

On June 21, 2017, NYS Health Department found several health violations listed below.

*Cross connections of ice and water; food not protected during storage, preparation, display, transportation, and service, from potential sources of contamination (e.g., food uncovered, mislabeled, stored on floor, missing or inadequate sneeze guards, food containers double stacked)
*Accurate thermometers were not available or used to evaluate refrigerated or heated storage temperatures
*Non-food contact surfaces and equipment improperly designed, constructed, installed, maintained (equipment not readily accessible for cleaning, surface not smooth finish)
*Non-food contact surfaces of equipment not clean

The Bullalo Head Restaurant has provided us with the results of their latest inspection confirming the issues the NYS Health Inspectors found on June 21, 2017, have been resolved.

Photo Courtesy Of Buffalo Head Restaurant
Photo Courtesy Of Buffalo Head Restaurant

Any restaurant, school, camp or other location in CNY that has failed a Health Inspection is always welcome to send us their passed inspection, and we will gladly share it with our audience.

Please sent to CindyMcMullen@961TheEagle.Com

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