It's hard to believe that summer (officially) has about one month left. With schools about to open for the 2022-2023 years, summer ends much quicker. The summer season is my favorite, so when fall hits, I'm not exactly thrilled. But, at least fall can have some really nice days before Mother Nature throws winter in our faces.

Another plus that comes with fall being just around the corner, there are quite a few great, fun events and festivals that occur throughout the Geater Binghamton area along with other fun fall festivities that might entice you to take a short ride to various events happening this year in New York State.

You have to admit, New York State is a great place to live and visit in the fall. People come from all over to see the changing of the leaves, the hot and muggy days are gone, and there are plenty of outdoor events and activities happening throughout the state.

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So we decided to find out what events and festivals are happening throughout the state, including where and when they occur. Take a look below, and enjoy some of the fun fall events occurring in New York State.

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