It's that time of the year when deer get active during mating season. Also, foraging for food to fatten up and survive the upcoming winter. Watch out for them on Central New York roads. 

October, November, and December are the times we drivers should pay close attention especially during early morning hours and late afternoons as deer are very active during both times. All the things we talked about last year with regard to deer hold true this year. Ir's time to be extra alert on whats around us. has plenty of tips and tricks to be safe.

1) You may not like it, but it may be best to end up hitting the deer.

I had a good friend that was a member of the California Highway Patrol and I recall he always said, it's better to hit the animal than to serve and hurt yourself or another driver even worse to hit a tree or some other solid object.


2) Always watch out for multiple deer even if you only see one.

Deer are everywhere not just out in the country. My wife hit a deer a couple of years back on Oneida near New York Mills, not exactly out in the country more like your basic neighborhood. If you are traveling through a known deer area slow down deer can't read and are always where you least expect them to be. Remember if you see one deer cross in front of you 9 times out of 10 there will be more right behind the one you just saw. they travel in groups


3) Don't waste your time with deer whistles on your car.

The last thing anybody wants to do is hit a deer. So, we buy deer whistles for our cars front bumper. I hate to be the person that bursts any bubbles but deer whistles do not work, save your money and slow down and pay closer attention to whats going on around you.


4) Always be alert when behind the wheel of a vehicle.

While behind the wheel of a vehicle, always practice defensive driving. Make sure you have a seat-belt on always, and constantly scan the road no matter what time of day.



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