It’s that time of year again…Christmas shopping. Every year we try and come up with unique gifts for the people in our lives. Sometimes we hit a home run and other times well….we fall on our face. Gift certificates are always great, but sometimes you just want to find the perfect gift, something different, that no one else would ever think of giving.

Well if you have that thrill seeker, or difficult to buy for person on your list, you may want to consider these great Central New York gift ideas. Not only are these gifts unique, if you have a millennial on your list, they are all about experiences, and without a doubt, these experiences will leave a lasting impression.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Does that special person in your life want to fly or at the very lest drift across the sky like they do in the land of Oz? Flights will start up again in the Spring of 2018. Is your special person someone that likes to be up early because your ride will be at sunrise.

Sky Diving

My Dad was an airline pilot for most of his life and I can hear him saying, "why would anyone want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane." Some people want to test the law of gravity. If your special person is one of those people then this is for them.

White Water Rafting

This is pretty straightforward. River rafting in the Spring and Summer, providing they know how to swim. That would make the trip much less stressful.The best time for rapids that are a little tamer is late August early September.



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