Do you ever deviate from your responsibilities at work? C'mon now, admit it, you check your Facebook feed or sit back and chat with co-workers about who knows what right? Okay, so if you admit you do that, it's probably for just '5 minutes' right? Nope. A new survey by Careerbuilder says 62% of us (that's ALL?) waste an hour or more on the job (that's ALL?!?) and here's a list of the things we sneak in after we punch in:

Idle Chit-Chat

34% of people said talking to co-workers about non-work-related stuff was the biggest distraction. Haha, I can't think of anyone who ISN'T guilty of this but of course if you do it WHILE working, you're off the hook!


22% said the Internet. Again, guilty. It's easy to get distracted by the exciting goings on and of course since the advent of the worldwide web, it's sooooo easy to start on one page, even a work related one and then you surf and surf.... Next thing you know you've been watching YouTube videos and blasting Facebook without getting ANYTHING done! ...oops!

Obnoxious Co-worker

18% said loud co-workers distracted them most. Um, pleading the fifth on this one. I share my office with another morning show radio host... We're PAID to talk, couldn't shut up if you put a gun to our heads!

Email / Phone

17% blamed personal calls or email. Yeah, especially when you've got that pressing personal appointment that just HAS to be solved before you get out of work. Who hasn't used work time to solve personal problems or hopped on the phone to let some steam off to the outside world?


15% said office drama. Drama? At WORK? Psshhh... I waste all of my PERSONAL time fretting about this one!! Hahaha...


11% said daydreaming. Guilty again and again and again. while surfing the internet and using the phone can be tracked by your bosses, if you spend your thoughts elsewhere, your company doesn't own your head so they can't regulate that save for loading you with a zillion tasks so you don't have TIME to daydream. Actually I'm surprised that this one isn't higher on the list!


7% said gossip. Speaking of higher on the list, isn't this one related to 35 if not it's identical twin?

Watching TV

2% said watching television in the break room.  (???) If only... I'll just stare at the snack machine and maybe make something move in there if I can fish out some change from my pocket, and then get a workout from kicking the dang thing when my pop tarts get stuck inside!


And my favorite:  4% said . . . not understanding HOW to do their work. Um, try asking a superior and if you don't know what to do, I'm sure there's something else you could do until your supervisor answers your email. Or better yet, see #6!!!

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