Whether you are feeling under the weather or just didn't get enough sleep the night before, a lot of Americans have taken a "nap" at work. It happens. If you ever wondered how you can catch a few Zs on the job without getting caught and waking up in the unemployment line, Lifehacker.com has some suggestions for you:

Wear Sunglasses- 

Nobody can see your eyes when you're wearing sunglasses, so it's incredibly easy to close them without a single person being the wiser.

Use Your Car-

If you have a sleep emergency, just call it a family emergency and go sleep in your car for an hour. - Lifehacker.com

I found the whole list very valuable. I am sure I will use one or more of these tips sometime in 2011, maybe after a long week of Oldiez 96.1 Cruise Ins. You can read the full list at Lifehacker.com.