reported that a new study straight outta the Empire State has some revealing findings about heftiness in the workplace.

Researchers at Cornell University's Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management found overweight men are perceived as being more persuasive than their thinner male co-workers AND that overweight women do not benefit from the same advantage. The sarcastic reaction from most women: No, REALLY??? Now, here comes the science...

It's the "he's a big guy, so he MUST be in control" syndrome. The same perception does not work for larger women.

Even artists' renderings confirmed the results. Participants in one study thought drawings of overweight males were seen as more persuasive, but perceived persuasiveness declined for females drawn as overweight and obese.

Larger women have another problem--getting hired to begin with. According to a 2012 study, 42% of human resources professionals disqualified one obese female in a group of six hypothetical job applicants, while only 19% rejected the lone obese male candidate.

And, apparently, size DOES matter, in more ways than one. Other studies have already proved that HEIGHT is also important, as taller candidates often win presidential elections.

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