Yesterday, the final piece of my new home arrived... my beloved piano! As a teacher I get this question a lot: 'How in the WORLD do you fit that thing through the door?' Well, it's quite simple and here's the deets!



Basically, you flip the piano on it's side, take the legs off and Voila! Instant bite-size piano for a doorway. Here you can see the piano all wrapped up to protect the finish from possible bumps and bruises.


Here's piano mover/tuner/technician extraordinaire, Dan Fusco with his moving pal, Gideon (yeah, when you need to move heavy stuff, grab the nearest ripped Amish guy!) scooting the piano into position.


Here they are about ready to put the legs back on...


Only two legs go on right now and here's why...


... So they can flip the piano up easily and throw the third leg on.


Now that the piano is standing on all three legs, she gets stripped and then only one more step left:


Lastly, on goes the pedal thingy (which we call the pedal lyre) so when it's played it sounds all pretty and stuff...


...Finally! Ahhhhh, it's amazing how good the piano sounds in a huge room, sound bouncing all over! Here's me and my baby, baby grand that is...


Can't wait to build the room and it now, need a rug. Prob shoulda thought of that before throwing down a 400 pound piano huh... Now who wants piano lessons?!? thanks again, Dan and Gideon for making my home complete!


How To Move A Piano - Russian Style [Video]

Why is it that all of the weirdest videos come from Russia? I'm about to move at the end of this month and if the movers do this with my piano, I'll go kick their knees from behind, haha! No that wouldn't be cool and my piano wouldn't fare well either.

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