Why is it that all of the weirdest videos come from Russia? I'm about to move at the end of this month and if the movers do this with my piano, I'll go kick their knees from behind, haha! No that wouldn't be cool and my piano wouldn't fare well either. My pals who are piano movers are going to cringe too, but watch anyway

as this guy straps nearly 500 pounds of steel and wood to his back and then goes to play another piano set up on the curb (???). Then he puts it back in the truck (???????) Scratching my head but can definitely see a worker's comp claim in this guy's future. Denied.


Fat Dancing Speedo Man Is the Hero We Both Need and Deserve- Watch This Guy Join In On A Step Aerobics Class

Have you ever wondered what a beer-bellied Russian guy in a Speedo looked like doing step aerobics? You don't have to wonder any longer. On YouTube one of the biggest videos of the day is called: "Fat Dancing Speedo Man Is the Hero We Both Need and Deserve".

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